• 1 Professional,
    high quality dentistry
  • 2 A friendly,
    personal service
  • 3 We enjoy getting
    to know our patients
  • 4 Maintaining healthy,
    happy smiles
  • 5 Quality dental care
    for all the family
  • 6 Prevention really is
    better than cure
  • 7 Helping you to smile
    with confidence
  • 8 Avoid gum disease
    and tooth decay

Our experienced dental team offers a blend of professionalism & personal care to all our patients


Composite is the material of choice when replacing broken teeth, fillings and restoring teeth following dental decay. These ‘white fillings’ have replaced amalgam in today’s modern dentistry and give a lasting aesthetic result.

Composites are bonded to the tooth so less of your tooth is removed. The tooth is built up and anatomically shaped then set hard using a strong blue light. In many cases the technique replaces the need for a crown and provides a one visit solution giving a strong and natural appearance.

This page was last updated on the 16th of November 2012