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Restorative Dentistry (sometimes referred to as Crown & Bridge Work) is the area of Dentistry concerned with the rehabilitation of the heavily filled or otherwise broken down dentition. This is carried out by means of crowns, fixed bridges or veneers – or a combination of these techniques. On occasion, root canal treatment is required to assist this process and a degree of cross-referral within the clinic may be required.


We believe that it is important for you to retain as much non-decayed tooth as possible. Therefore, a policy of minimal intervention is practised here. When fillings become necessary, this policy is always applied. We only use the highest quality materials and follow the correct “technique sensitive” placement procedures in order to provide you with a long lasting filling.


Crowns, sometimes known as ‘caps’, are an ideal restoration for a very broken down tooth, or a tooth that has been weakened due to decay or a very large filling. A crown will fit over the tooth and will restore its natural shape, contour and colour. Crowns are made of metal and porcelain, but on front teeth we usually use just porcelain crowns so you do not have the dark line above the crown where it meets the gum.


A bridge replaces a missing tooth or teeth. There are different kinds of bridges. Some fix onto the teeth neighbouring the gap with crowns, while others are just fixed to the tooth surface. We will evaluate each gap to determine what kind of bridge will be suitable. Bridges are usually made with metal and porcelain, but sometimes they are only made of porcelain.


All of our plastic dentures are made of high-impact acrylic. We use an injection moulding process that makes the denture very strong. We can use plastic for full or partial dentures.

We also make chrome cobalt dentures. This is a metal based denture and due to the strength of the metal, this denture can be made as a very thin framework with the part that houses the teeth made from acrylic.

Your dentist will recommend which denture would suit you best.